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A single arab women from the United States says she has been wanting to get a tattoo of the crescent moon and star, then found out it is against Islam to get a tattoo. But what if the tattoo is religious, is it permissible for a Arab girls to sell such related products?  The answers to these queries,  are no and it is makrooh, meaning yes, but it is frowned upon.  Increasingly, arab singles are finding answers to their religious questions online. For inquiries that might not be directly answered by the Quran, middle eastern singles turn to websites for advice, much like Catholics would turn to a priest. Over the past 10 years, dozens of arab dating sites have emerged. Islamists were the earliest adopters of the Internet, even in 1997 in Kuwait, I found middle eastern ladies using the Internet to teach people about Islam and to reach out to fellow Muslims with knowledge and advice. The middle eastern dating began popping up in the late 1990s. And for many, the anonymity of the web makes it easier to ask date online than at the local mosque. There are so many issues coming up, as single arab ladies living in the West, that they may not want to ask their parents or local imam. They feel more comfortable dating online. Some middle eastern women are uncomfortable with sites posting answers to very private questions, particularly those that are about love in nature.

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The answers given by the sites are sometimes met with criticism for being too conservative or too liberal. But in the end, the criticism is equal on all sides. We accommodate to all opinions. Imams will not not issue fatwas, which are legal Islamic edicts. But other sites do give out fatwa. Some have criticized others for issuing fatwas online. Many see these dating web sites as trampling on the old system of how knowledge is passed on within the community. The Web has disrupted centuries of tradition. The faith has always relied on a chain of transmission of Islamic knowledge and authority. In the past, there were entire books that tried to determine unreliable sources or transmitters of knowledge, Today, that authority is much more fragmented. The Internet interrupts this whole process and middle eastern girls were most worried about is how they could determine the validity and reliability of knowledge transmitted over the Web.

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